Smoking Is A Thing Of The Past!

I have successfully developed these tried and tested hypnotherapy sessions to help you kick that habit in the butt.

We learn that this so called ‘stress reliever’ is actually a ‘stress creator’ – stress on your health, wealth and wellbeing (for you and your loved ones).

If you are asking “Why You Haven’t Been Able to Stop”       

Most smokers want to stop smoking for many reasons-health, social stigma, feeling like a slave to their smoking habit-so why don’t they just stop?  The problem is the conscious mind wants to stop-that is the part of our mind that reads the research and health reports and hears the news about how bad smoking is for your health.  That is also the part of the mind that knows that smoking is now banned in all public places and that fewer and fewer people see smoking as glamorous or cool but now see it as a bad habit.  The conscious mind also knows that smoking is expensive, smells, and the list goes on..

Hypnosis isn’t magic, but it is a powerful relaxing mind state that can be accessed by almost everyone/ Once the mind is in the state of hypnosis, the unconscious mind(which is usually very resistant to change in our normal waking state), becomes more open to ideas of change. When the person being hypnotized consciously wants the change, then suggestions are given that the unconscious can accept and so that both the conscious and unconscious mind can be aligned to make the powerful decision to become a non-smoker