Rapid Transformational Therapy

What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid super-therapy pioneered by Marissa Peer.
It offers unparalleled results by combining the best aspects of hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and psychotherapy.

In RTT, you have the ability to access the subconscious mind to identify, reprogram, transform, and upgrade the root cause of any limiting beliefs, any mental and physical issues, and disempowering patterns and behaviors.By accessing the subconscious mind directly, RTT delivers quick and permanent results, unlike other modalities like talk therapy. Most issues require only one to three session to resolve the the underlying issue. 

RTT was designed to provide rapid and permanent results. RTT uses words that speaks to the imagination and the unconscious. These words are customized for you and you will receive a customized recording of our transformation session to listen to for 21 days. In 21 days, your mind will form new beliefs and create new habits The recording is essential to creating new neuropathways in the brain due to neuroplasticity. When these new neuropathways are strengthened over the 21 days, new beliefs, thoughts and behaviors will become second nature- your new normal.

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is simply a sleep of the nervous system, meaning that you are accessing your subconscious mind while your conscious mind just drifts away.
RTT rapidly gets to the root cause by accessing the subconscious through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a completely natural state where your brain waves are slowed to an Alpha state, like in meditation or when you are driving home in a “zone” and can’t remember being fully aware of even driving. Your conscious mind is so relaxed that you are not worrying about anything else and gives you control to stop the inner chatter in your mind.This allows your subconscious mind to access the negative beliefs we formed many years ago to be receptive to the suggestions to change those perceptions.The subconscious mind is like a vault where all your beliefs, and past experienced are kept. Positive suggestions are like seeds planted in the subconscious mind. New beliefs are able to take root, typically in 1 to 3 sessions.

You are fully in control for the entire session, and you will have a clear recollection of everything you said and did.You will simply be in a deeper level of yourself, like you are in a guided meditation or while daydreaming.How you feel during hypnosis varies widely, but regardless of how deep you go or don’t go, you don’t have to worry– it’s still working for you!

The breakthroughs and understandings that you will experience during your session will change you forever. 




Hear What Some Of My Clients Have Said

Since working with Melissa, a lightbulb has gone off. I’ve learned that I am in control of what I do and that I don’t need to fall into old habits. Melissa helped me find the root cause of my issue and overcome it in one session.


Melissa has allowed me to level up in every area of my life. I feel so driven towards my purpose. No matter what age you are – young or old, she will help transform your life.



Who is RTT for?

RTT is for any anyone, young or old, who desires to feel better (internally or externally). RTT is for you if you have tried to change, yet have been unsuccessful. RTT is for you if you want to improve a specific area of your life or business and haven’t been able to get there yourself. RTT is for you if you seek a life with more fulfillment and inner peace..

Client Testimonials

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