Anxiety~ Find your peace of mind

Experience freedom from worry and the fear of the future~

Anxiety holds you back from being the best version of yourself. It’s not what is wrong with you it is what happened to you and the feelings you attach to what happened to you, to keep you safe and connected~

If your mind is running like a hamster on a wheel, your thoughts are racing. You know anxiety and stress are hard on your body. It’s hard on your relationships. You may even have anxiety about your anxiety. 

You may find yourself experiencing physical symptoms that you can’t understand. You may have trouble sleeping. You get short of breath, dizzy, fainting, hands shaking, having a full-on panic attack. Worst of all, these physical symptoms seem to come out of nowhere and don’t make sense to you. Most people have no idea that you wrestle with constant worry, constantly second-guessing yourself. 

This program will help you understand where the anxiety is rooted. 

I will help you to understand the when, where, why and how the anxiety came into your life. We will understand the role, function and purpose of the anxiety in order to heal it and let it go for good. 

We don’t just focus on symptoms holding you back (anxiety, depression, ADHD, relationship troubles, etc.). I will help you heal the underlying cause of the anxiety in order to let it go heal and move forward with confidence and clarity to live your best life.